That’s not what that slot does…

Anyway, I look forward to all the reading and writing I get to do; I hope I can keep up with it. We’ll see!

So, like it says in About Me, I work at a library. I’ve had this jotted down for awhile, because I can’t bring myself to forget interesting things that happen to me.

I was sitting at my desk at The Library, working on entries for our Recommended Reading folder, which we’re putting together to help Teens (and anyone else who’s into YA books) figure out what they’re going to read next, and a lady comes up to the desk. I’ve not seen her before which, even though we have a pretty large patron-base, kind of surprises me, but I put all that past me and say, “Can I help you?” (Which, by the way, may be the dumbest thing for my own personal sanity I’ve ever said, and said repeatedly, because it always seems to lead to exasperation!).

“We can’t get it out of the slot,” she says. She looks over at her husband, who is sitting at a computer not too far away from me. He’s staring, not at the screen but at the actual computer–and staring intensely.

Of course, after not really comprehending her question, I ask for clarification, “Get what out of which slot?”

Very simply, and with no sarcasm or any implication that she’s playing a joke on me, she says, “The thing, in the slot. We can’t get it out.”

By now, after about a year at the library, I should not be surprised by incomprehensible queries, but I guess I’m still naïve. So, I follow her to her husband, the computer, and the jammed slot. He pointed to the 3 1/2 floppy disk drive, into which they had jammed two library cards, so far in, you couldn’t pull them out with just your fingers.

Of course, my first question is, “How did they get there?”

They replied, matter-of-factly, that that they were trying to log into the computer. I asked, really, really trying to not laugh, why they didn’t just type the card numbers in, in order to login. (I know I sound like a condescending jerk here, but wait…)

They look at me blankly and say, we didn’t know we were supposed to do that.

Just FYI to all of you out there (whoever you are), again, I’m not being a condescending jerk, our library computers have a big blue screen with a large window that says,

”Type in your library card number to begin your time”

Now, if it had said,

”Please stuff as many library cards into the first available slot until the computer does something”

I wouldn’t be irked, if that was the case, really. However, to make a long story, well, as long as it needs to be, I totally MacGyver-ed the cards out with a screwdriver and a big paperclip (our needle nosed pliers only jammed them in farther), and got them both logged onto their computers and happy in front of MySpace.

Moral of the story: Darnit. Please, please follow directions. It’ll make your life, and the lives of those around you much easier.


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