Caprica I

Caprica City


Just watched the third episode of Caprica, the spin-off/prequel to one of my favorite shows of all time: Battlestar Galactica.

I really enjoyed the two-part pilot, which re-established the world we already knew, just a new part of that world. We see a bit of the monotheism of the Cylons in BSG. It’s introduced in a way that creates an underlying societal conflict, while also giving a reason for the Cylons to have retained those beliefs later on.

I’m eager to see where this show will go, as it’s certainly more edgy and racy than its sister series, which is saying something, especially of the first season of  BSG! So far, they’re spending a lot of time developing characters, which I appreciate, while still working through the tragedy that occurred in the pilot. I hope it continues to work well!

I look forward to more Caprica!


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