Horatio Hornblower–“The Even Chance”

The Even Chance

The Even Chance or, The Duel

I just watched the first “episode” (more like a TV Movie) of this legendary, epic series starring Ioan Gruffudd (a.k.a. William Wilberforce, Lancelot, and Mr. Fantastic) as Horatio Hornblower, one of the inspirations for Captain Kirk (always a plus in my book!). Really, really good! I’ve always wondered if this was over-exaggerated.

Nope, excellent!

Good, swashbuckling action, as well as the respect and rewarding of good character vs. ambition. “The Even Chance” demonstrates (albeit in an optimistic way) that gumption, hard work, and quality should win out instead of over-bearing, domineering brawn.

I hope to read the books someday, we’ll see how that works out!


One thought on “Horatio Hornblower–“The Even Chance”

  1. It took me forever to recognize the man on the cover as Mr. Fantastic. In this case, forever meaning “until I read your entry identifying the man as Mr. Fantastic”.

    Jamie Bamber was also in Horatio Hornblower, which I think you may have mentioned in a tweet.

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