Human Target

Human Target

Human Target starring Mark Valley

This is a fantastic show! I think this is one of the most purely entertaining shows on TV today. Christopher Chance puts himself in harms way, not just for money, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Mark Valley stars as Christopher Chance, with Chi McBride as Winston, Chance’s manager and controller. Jackie Earle Haley, recently Rorschach in Watchman, supports Chance as the enigmatic techie Guerrero.

A lot of it reminds me of Alias, one of my favorite shows of all time (created by the great J.J. Abrams!). Partially because it seems like they’re having fun, even in the midst of the drama and action. Also, there are some of the best fight scenes that I’ve seen in television since Alias. They’re intense, innovative, and well choreographed.

The opening credits have a very James Bond feel as well. Most shows are getting away from wasting time on a title sequence. I hope it lasts for awhile, because it’s good! (Take a look, the episodes are on IMDb!)

There’s a story arc underlying this initial run of the show, but it’s not dominating the episodes yet. It’s more subtle–just things about Chance’s identity and background that are doled out sparingly, leaving enough ambiguity to intrigue the viewer.

There’s a plus: it’s scored by one of my favorite composers, Bear McCreary, who scored Battlestar Galactica and currently Caprica.

Watch it! Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Human Target

  1. I totally agree about the opening sequence. It’s brilliant! I also feel the need to check out more of the work by Bear McCreary since I hear the music in my head at odd times during the day. Forgive me for this since I know you like Bond, but I like this better. 🙂

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