Pajama Forest by Evan Diaz

I’m starting a series talking about the comics and graphic novels I read. It sounds weird, but they’re a fun part of my day, because I do a lot of reading, I listen to audiobooks a lot in the car, and I think comics and graphic novels are an important medium often overlooked by the mainstream–or at least not fully appreciated by the mainstream.

Pajama Forest by Evan Diaz

These are in no particular order, but one of the newer ones around is Pajama Forest by Evan Diaz. This is a webcomic, and it’s pretty random, not too serious, and I can tell that he just has a lot of fun with it. It’s very whimsical at times, and at other times borders on the absurd (which is NOT a bad thing!).

Pajama Forest stars August, who is just trying to get along in life. He has a crazy younger brother, Ed, who reminds me of Calvin (yes, from Calvin and Hobbes), and a Grandpa who absolutely enjoys being old.

I’m just getting into the comic myself, but I can tell that I’ll certainly keep reading!


One thought on “Pajama Forest by Evan Diaz

  1. So do you mostly read WebComics or do you read graphic novels as well?

    I definitely was into comic books growing up and now I am definitely into graphic novels and manga. I look forward to your series and may even add a few titles to your posts if that’s okay.

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