Indexed by Jessica Hagy, uses graphs and charts to make fun of the world, but also to point out some poignant truths of life.

IndexedThis strip was the one that got me interested at first. I hesitated to look at it for awhile, as I’m not the first person to seek out anything remotely related to math or statistics. I thought, how in the world can that be funny?

I judged too quickly.

I will say, in the way of warning, that this can at times be crude, though that does not generally mean it detracts from the message of the comic. Be aware of that element and you’ll be OK. Trust me, I’m not turned off by irreverence or political incorrectness, and Ms. Hagy does not shy away from it either.

Do read!

My little comic “series” started a few days ago with a feature on the first Dilbert contiguous story arc (at least the first one I remember!). You can read about it here.

P.S. If there are any comics you’d like me to review, let me know my commenting!


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