Get Fuzzy

Get Fuzzy

I discovered Darby Conley’s Get Fuzzy when my family moved to Houston in my freshman year of high school. At the time, it ran in syndication in The Houston Chronicle. I always loved to read the comics, as many kids did, and this was a new one that drew my attention. We only lived in Houston for one year, and when we got to Cincinnati I became quite disappointed that The Enquirer did not run it.

Aside from my obvious grief that I did not receive my daily dose of my good animal friends, I moved on, slightly mollified by the gift of The Dog is Not a Toy: House Rule #4 so I could continue reading.

Get Fuzzy depicts the lives of Rob Wilco and his “house-mates” Bucky the cat and Satchel the dog. I’ve always thought of this as a more satirical, complex, and deranged version of Garfield.


Bucky Katt has much more motivation than Garfield (who never did anything if it didn’t involve sleep or food). He constantly comes up with get-rich-quick schemes, torments Satchel for everything he can imagine, and feuds with Fungo, the ferret from down the hall–really, his only love is his teddy bear, Smacky (and trying to eat monkeys).

Satchel is innocent. He is fully, completely naive and has only once lost his temper to Bucky. He talks to his watch (Handy), is unswervingly faithful to Rob, and even though Bucky constantly swindles him, Satchel loves him and looks out for him.

A colorful cast of characters makes its way through the Wilco household, literally bringing to mind the phrase, “look what the cat dragged in!” Each character brings along a theme and a hilarious story arc filled with equivocation and amphiboly.

This is one of my favorite strips of all time, as it’s consistently witty and heartwarming.


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