Unshelved is a comic which truly captures the nature of working in a library–which makes sense as it’s written by those experienced in such work, Gene Ambaum and Bill Barnes.

I always think it’s funny when they write something that I’ve just noticed myself, or been irritated by recently, like this strip below about Tax Forms.

Unshelved taxes

Seriously, on January 2, once the library re-opened for the new year, people came out in droves for tax forms. These forms we put on a large wooden display stand about 5 feet away from the desk with large signs on it. At least 5 times per hour people come up to us at the desk, passing the display and standing not 2 feet from it.

Do you have Tax Forms?

I have to bite my tongue to stop myself from being sarcastic. At the same time, I honestly can always tell when they’re going to ask about tax forms. I wish I could just stop them and follow Dewey’s example in the comic above.

Anyway, read on and explore the greatness that is Unshelved. I don’t know if it will hit home as it does to those who work at a library, but I know that it reminds me of when I worked in restaurants. People often impress me with being rather ignorant of the world around them…


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