Library Disclaimer #4 (A series of haikus)

Dear Patron,

Don’t objectify.

Just because I am pretty.

Not OK to stare.

Don’t try to dress me.

I do not like unitards,

Not on me or you.

Please don’t give me food.

I don’t know you well enough.

Unless you bought it.

Don’t tell me about

Your love life; it’s too dirty.

I don’t want to know.

Please don’t run at me

With your eyes flashing hellfire.

It’s not flattering.

All my best,

Frightened library-worker


3 thoughts on “Library Disclaimer #4 (A series of haikus)

  1. Live in my suitcase
    Save me from little people!
    Oh, the adventures!

    Wear my leotard
    Maroon is the best color
    Don’t deny my love

    Give me your glasses
    To see the world through your eyes

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