London, Day 4–abbreviation

So, we went to Dover early this morning and climbed a dang mountain.

We saw the English Channel, the White Cliffs, and Dover Castle (with a crazy hike on the way up to it, but after a slight heart attack, it was totally worth it!). I ate my first Fish & Chips in England, with more to come, I’m sure!

We went to the National Portrait Gallery and saw some greats–including a lot of Rembrandt!

Finally, we saw Les Miserables, which was epic! I greatly enjoyed it, and I can finally, finally put action to lyrics, because I’ve heard it for my entire life (seriously!). Whew! Long day, and another one tomorrow, including the Tower of London!



One thought on “London, Day 4–abbreviation

  1. Apparently the hike along the cliffs of Dover turned you into an old Jewish women. Oi with poodles already!

    Yay for fish and chips in England!

    Yay for Rembrandt who is one of my favorite artists!

    And YAY most of all for dreams coming true! Glad you got to see Les Miserables!

    I actually had a very similar day in The States except instead of having a slight heart attack, I helped a patron who had a slight heart attack when a Patterson audio book hadn’t come in for her:-/

    Enjoy the Tower of London!!!

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