London Pics, Day 1

Tower of London Panorama

I’m still getting back into the swing of things (it’s a lot of work, being on vacation!), so here are my pictures, day by day, with captions. Some are more detailed than others, but I hope you enjoy them!

Day 1:

We got into London at about 9:15 am, took a bit of time to get through customs and find a train–neither of which was too difficult. We then got to Tower Hill Tube Station to wait for our first walk, and to explore a bit. We walked across Tower Bridge and around the Tower of London.

In the meantime, we ate at The Minories Pub–I had a great Wilkshire Ham & Cheese on a fresh baguette.

Our first walk, “This is London” led by Chris, included a Thames boat ride, which really gave us a good overview of the city. We got off at Westminster and walked by the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.

Then, because we were so exhausted, we made our way back to the Torquay Hostel off of the Royal  Oak Tube Station so we could get an early start the next morning. Enjoy the pictures!


2 thoughts on “London Pics, Day 1

  1. I like how the only picture of you smiling in this set of pictures is when you are standing near the public execution site at the Tower of London:-)

    Great pictures! Especially of the Tower!

    Well done, sirrah!

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