London Pics, Day 2

Here are the pictures for Day 2 in London!

On Day 2:

We began the day by touring Hampstead and its heath, led by David, the American owner of the London Walks Company (which I highly recommend for anyone going to London; we saw the most for the cheapest through them!).

Hampstead is a small village in greater London which has consistently been the most posh neighborhood in London for years. It is bordered by a nearly 800 acre nature preserve known as The Heath.

The village contains some great historical homes, as well as the homes of some very famous people, including Ridley Scott (picture included), Jamie Oliver, Dame Judi Dench, and many others. Also, the house used for The Admiral in Mary Poppins stands in Hampstead (picture included).

Next we took a “Shakespeare and Dickens’ London” Walk, also guided by David. We walked through some of the older parts of London that the two men would have known and been inspired by. This included the alleyway and home of Martin Chuzzlewit, the Old Curiosity Shop, and some of the debtors’ prisons. This also took us to some places that Shakespeare would have certainly known and visited. Really a very interesting walk that got to the heart of the history in those sections of London.

When we finished that walk, for which my brother and I had met our cousin, we went over to Harrod’s.

Harrod’s is massive!

They have everything you could ever want there. It’s crazy! So, naturally, we bought fudge and Turkish Delight. Don’t say you wouldn’t do the same thing!

More tomorrow!


One thought on “London Pics, Day 2

  1. I can’t believe you met Ridley Scott!!! That is AWESOME!!!

    Also, I’m not quite sure how I feel about you taking that picture of Emma Watson. Just saying. lol! Although I did take a picture of Jennifer Garner while overseas on a movie poster and actually my Grandma pointed her out everywhere we went. So maybe I have little room to talk, except that Sydney Bristow is an adult;-)

    The Mary Poppins house. AWESOME!!!

    I also enjoy the very specific pictures of the snack food you bought. They add a very gritty, urban quality to Day 2 photos.


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