London Pics, Day 3

Here are the pictures for Day 3!

On Day 3:

After our first night on my cousin’s comfortable air mattress (seriously…I have one of my own that I won’t sleep on! Her’s is great!), we went to the British Library.

The British Library was amazing! There aren’t any pictures from inside the really good room: The Sir John Ritblat gallery. This area held some of the greatest things I’ve ever seen.

I saw the original manuscript of Beowulf, Charlotte Bronte’s handwritten manuscript of Jane Eyre, and some of Jane Austen’s Juvenalia (and her original writing desk!), Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s journals that formulated his most famous works (never heard of him? look him up! you have!), the Gutenberg Bible, the Magna Carta, Shakespeare’s first folio, and some of the Beatle’s handwritten lyrics.

All in all, excellent! I was pretty solidly blown away.

We then went to the British Museum, which was amazing as well. I can’t even describe everything we saw in there, but I loved it all! From the friezes taken from the Parthenon, as well as the Caryatids, the mausoleum from Halikarnassos, the Sutton Hoo artifacts, the Nereid Monument from Xanthos, and much, much more.

The museum was the only place in London that was completely crowded. Honestly, as much fun as it may be during the summer, I recommend to go during the off season. It may be a bit colder, but it’s fantastic to miss the overwhelming crowds.

After the museum, we made our way over to Covent Garden Market, where there are a few vendors with handmade things for sale, pretty nice! Also, we caught a great String Quintet that was dancing around and having a great time. That was a great way to end the day!

Here’s a video of it! Enjoy!


One thought on “London Pics, Day 3

  1. The Sir John Ritblat gallery would have made my head explode!!! FOR SERIOUS, THAT IS AMAZING STUFF THAT YOU SAW!!! It’s so funny too that the original manuscript of Jane Eyre was in there because it is such a plot point in “Eyre Affair”. Day 3 sounds awesome! Also, looking at all friezes etc., I was reminded of one of the coolest sculptures of I have ever seen is “The Winged Victory”. Amazing. Oh and your cousin’s neighbor kind of looks like where the British version of The Cosby Family would live:-)


    P.S. I believe that photo 93 is mislabeled unless I’m wrong and those are just some really lazy centaurs fighting.

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