London Pics, Day 5

Here are the pictures of day 5

On Day 5, we meant to tour the Tower of London in the morning, but the Circle Tube line was down, which prevented us from getting there in the morning for our tour, so we had to adapt.

We walked across Westminster bridge to the South Bank of the Thames, where the London Eye stands near the London Film Movieum. We had breakfast (I had a cheese and onion tart, which was good, if unusual breakfast fare). We decided to do the London Eye, but first we had to view the epic 4-D experience!

Apparently the dimension bending event that is 4-D actually involves 3-D glasses, a Coldplay soundtrack (always OK), and bubbles squirting at us. Let me tell you, quite the way to spend the morning.

Then, we got to the actual London Eye itself. While it seems as though it’s more than a big ferris wheel, it’s actually just that. And, for £17.50, I was at least hoping for some fireworks. I did not hate it, but it was slightly underwhelming.

We then went into the London Film Movieum, which had some cool film artifacts, but by far the best was the small Doctor Who display.

Doctor Who Display at the movieum

Fantastic! I got to touch the Plunger and Whisk of Death!

There was a great Charlie Chaplin exhibit there as well, who I really didn’t know much about, but now I’m quite an expert! Except for all that other stuff I still don’t know about…

After our near-extermination experience at the whisks of the Daleks, we went on a Beatles Walk led by a guy who, essentially, is a Beatles fanboy and part-time stalker who also owns “The Beatles Coffee Shop” a few blocks away from Abbey Road. We saw some really great Beatles-related sites, like the location of their famous rooftop concert, Paul McCartney’s offices, and most importantly: Abbey Road.

Abbey Road

Abbey Road--not as smooth as The Beatles did it, but we didn't have cops blocking off the road for us.

You can’t really cross as coolly as The Beatles, because Abbey Road is incredibly busy, but I did my best. A guy ahead of us tried it barefoot.

have fun with your free hepatitis!

Anyway, we met back up with Stephanie and went to the Imperial War Museum, with a recreation of the World War I trenches and the best collection of WWII artifacts I’ve ever seen. So great! Unfortunately, we got there near closing, but we got a great look!

After that, we went on our Jack the Ripper walk. It was a lot of fun! It wasn’t as macabre as I expected, but really gave good context to the crimes, accentuating the tragedy.


One thought on “London Pics, Day 5

  1. Okay, for as awesome as Day 4 was…Day 5 is utterly ridiculous! As a devoted reader, I for one am kind of glad that you missed the Tower of London tour in the morning. If you had gone to the Tower of London here are things that may never have happened:

    1. You wouldn’t have discovered the 4th dimension is actually bubbles. So for those keeping track at home it goes length, width, depth, bubbles.

    2. You wouldn’t have seen Cleopatra’s Needle. Though sadly, not on a Tuesday.

    3. You would have never gotten to jump in the Red Tardis because like iPods I have to believe that current Tardi (is that the plural?) can come in a variety of colors. Also, I see the slightest hint of a Rose Tyler pout in that picture.

    4. You would never have seen the most unnecessary movie prop ever. I’m looking at you cane from Daredevil.

    5. Until you got to the Batman and Robin display.
    Seriously, nothing at all needs to be preserved from that movie. Especially not Mr. Freeze’s helmet.

    6. Sidenote: For anyone wondering, while Sister Act should in theory make a great musical, reviews suggest otherwise.

    7. You may have never taken a tour from a Beatles fanboy who owns his own Beatles coffeeshop. In my mind I am picturing him wearing an old t-shirt from Yellow Submarine that is way too tight and exposes a bit of his belly.

    8. Your readers may never have gotten the chance to appreciate the fact that you smile the biggest at the most violent sites, but then again you would enjoy the destruction of the human race!

    9. Finally, you would have never have gotten to touch the plunger and the whisk of death. C’mon. That’s pretty frakkin’ awesome! Also, it was noted that you apparently suffered no injury as result. Just sayin’.

    Day 5 made for an incredibly enjoyable read! Well done, sir, well done!


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