London Pics, Day 6

Here are the pictures for day 6.

Day 6 was our epic adventure at the Tower of London.

I cannot fully relate how much I loved it! This place, more than any other in London, was the place I wanted to go. I absolutely had a blast!

It took awhile for me to really fathom the place in which I stood, as it saw so much history. I stood in the place where Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard, Lady Jane Grey, and many others lost their lives as traitors. Not only that, but it was the official residence of the monarch for centuries. The two young sons of Edward IV were likely murdered there. It is a place of tragedy and death, but also a place that symbolized England.

We then went across the river to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre–another one of the greatest places I saw. We didn’t get to take a tour, but I probed around for awhile and spent way too much money in the gift shop. All in all, it was good to just be there. Next time, I’ll do the in-depth tour.

We then went on a walk through the Temple District in London, where the barristers work. There was a lot of history, as it dates back to the Knights Templar, but also includes a lot of symbolism spread around the buildings. One of the coolest things was Temple Church, which includes a round chapel dating back to the 12th century–and, most importantly, it was featured in The Da Vinci Code.

After that, we went up to Stephanie’s apartment and ate some GREAT Thai and Indian food. A great way to end a great day!


One thought on “London Pics, Day 6

  1. “It is a place of tragedy and death…” and also where Tyler is the happiest:-)

    Just for those keeping track at home.

    Gruesome deaths, beheadings=photo opportunity for Tyler to smile pretty for the camera.

    Globe Theater: birthplace of some of the greatest theatrical works known to man=a few pictures, but none with Tyler and certainly not with him smiling.



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