London Pics, Day 7 (The Last Day…)

Here are the pictures for day 7.

Our final day was mostly an easy one. As much as my adrenaline was still ramped up, I was beginning to fade by the end, having done so much walking throughout (and climbing a half of a dang mountain in Dover!).

That being said, there was one strenuous part, but I’ll get there later.

We took a Royal London & Westminster Abbey walk, where we saw Buckingham Palace, St. James’ Park, St. James’ Palace, and Westminster Abbey. We saw horse guards on the march, as well as learned about the modern history of the royal family. Including the possibility that, when Prince Charles becomes king (which, let’s face it, will be in a LONG time, as the Queen Mother lived past the century mark), he will likely not keep the name Charles, but choose another royal name, becoming George VII in order to avoid association with the Stuart kings Charles I & II by becoming Charles III. Interesting!

Anyway, from there we went to Westminster Abbey, which was beautiful and awe-inspiring–inside and out. There are no pictures allowed inside (because, you know, the Bible says,

Thou Shalt Not Take Pictures in a Church!

I knew there were a lot of tombs inside the Abbey, but I was NOT prepared for the actual vast number contained therein! It blew me away! SO many people have been buried there, including Elizabeth I and Mary I (the sisters who “hated” each other were buried next to each other!).

After Westminster, we went to St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is also magnificent in its opulence. It’s simply grand.

We went to the top of the dome, which made me realize my fear of heights! Wow.

Again, no pictures allowed inside, probably for the same reason, but I did get this:

View from St. Paul's

We then made our way back to Stephanie’s flat, had some GREAT fish & chips from a real fishmonger, and got rested up for the LONG trip home.


One thought on “London Pics, Day 7 (The Last Day…)

  1. I really only have one question.

    Why was there not a photo taken of you singing “Feed The Birds” from Mary Poppins on the steps outside of St. Paul’s?


    That being said I enjoy the Flip Book of Fear as you come face to face with your fear of heights. I get vertigo…BAD!!!


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