Jamie’s Food Revolution, Part II


I believe that every child in America has the right to fresh, nutritious school meals, and that every family deserves real, honest, wholesome food. Too many people are being affected by what they eat. It’s time for a national revolution. America needs to stand up for better food!

Jamie Oliver

Early on in Friday’s premier (apparently, last week’s episode was just a “preview event”), Jamie walks into a kindergarten classroom to test their knowledge of vegetables. They could not name a single one–even basics, like tomatoes, potatoes, or peas.

Essentially, his mission is to show the kids what goes into food, hoping that, by educating them as to what their food is made of, maybe they will learn to make the right choices from an early age. He even does an experiment which puts all the most disgusting pieces of chicken, the worst bits possible, into chicken nugget-like shapes–hoping that they’ll be put off by the sludge that goes into the “nuggets” and pick the good pieces of meat. He says it’s an experiment that works every time.

Not this time. They look good, so they’ll eat them.


Eventually, he showed the parents the amount of processed, fat-filled, food that their children consume, and gets them to support his mission, because it really is disgusting.

Again, it’s not the fault of the cooks at the schools. They do what they’re told, in no way trying to hurt the kids, but bureaucracy doesn’t facilitate a better way.

Finally, he got to the kids, familiarizing them with their food, and for the most part they began to warm to the idea of trying new food.

The craziest thing, however, is the way that people were completely flabbergasted when he asked where the knives were. Kids are only allowed to use forks and spoons. He compared it to retarding development if all they’re ever used to is forks, spoons, and fingers. The paranoia, I’m sure, is what would lead to removing knives from the school–but plastic knives? Really? What about the forks? They’ll do as much damage as a plastic knife will do.

Come on. Honestly…

However, it seems as though Jamie’s got his foot in the door, and we’ll see how well he can continue to do.

This show really has heart. It’s not just a tear-jerker (as much as I appreciate it–you know who you are, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition), but this moves beyond a single instance and aims for a full shift in the mindset. Not random dieting or starving yourself, because Jamie loves food; it’s about eating the food you love in the right way. He said last week, that it’s not about never eating pizza, because he loves pizza. It’s about doing it right (and I’ll tell you, Jamie’s pizza recipe tastes better than any pizza place around, anyway!).

Try his recipes here, because they’re all excellent, healthy, and easy to do!


2 thoughts on “Jamie’s Food Revolution, Part II

  1. I know who Jamie Oliver is, but have never really paid attention to him. However, this sounds like a fascinating show. I may have to start watching. At the very least, I need to try some of his recipes. (Pizza…I’m looking at you)


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