Caprica, The Midseason Cliffhanger

I really like where Caprica is going.

It’s taking some real chances, and has gone to some crazy places. The themes it explores are very dark and really difficult. It deals with grief, with greed, with loss, and with sacrifice.

Some of the places I thought it would go, it has. Through Caprica‘s portrayal of the holoband technology’s V-World, it challenges the addiction of many people in today’s society to the virtual world and the literal blurring of reality and fantasy–reminiscent of The Matrix in many ways. At the same time, it’s not just a pure bashing of all technology, but a critique of the manner in which many people completely lose themselves to their own dark selves within it.

The show immediately began to integrate itself into the mythology of Battlestar Galactica, but backed off for a little while to also establish its own place. Now, even through the musical themes (done by the brilliant Bear McCreary), Caprica draws closer to BSG. We also have phrases which echo some of the mantra from the parent show, and a real insight into the youth of William Adama, making him into the man he would later become.

They have broadened the depth of their religious comparisons through the conflict between the monotheists and the polytheists, which will directly lead to the formation of the Cylon philosophy, while facing issues which fall too close to home.

(They’re also bringing in some cameos from former BSG members. So far it hasn’t taken me out of the story, and I hope it doesn’t end up doing so.)

The mid-season cliffhanger was great, leaving some crazy things for us to mull over until the show returns. Catch up while you can!


One thought on “Caprica, The Midseason Cliffhanger

  1. “Catch up while you can!”

    I won’t even consider following your advice until I have typed thesis explaining the origin and being of one particular character with in paper citations.

    Double spaced.

    Times New Roman.


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