Count of Monte Cristo, ch 7-12

Chapter 7

In which a big jerk interrogates a really nice man, finds out he’s innocent, but because he’s really, really ambitious, he puts him in jail anyway.

Villefort! (Said like Shatner’s KHAAAN!)

Chapter 8

In which Dantès is taken to the Château D’If, a deep, dark, dank, depressing, dungeon. He goes a little crazy, tries to kill his guard, and begins to digress into desperation.
We also meet another crazy prisoner who tries to bribe the prison guards and governor with millions of francs that he has hidden away somewhere.

Chapter 9

In which Villefort goes back home, plans to go to Paris, meets Mercédès who looks at him with puppy dog eyes until he is racked with guilt. Does this stop him? You guess for yourself!

Chapter 10

In which Villefort nearly wets himself because he meets the king and tells him about the supposed plot in which Dantès is involved.

Chapter 11

In which Villefort continues to fawn over the king, who rewards him for his unswerving loyalty.

Chapter 12

In which Villefort meets his Bonapartist father who has disguised himself to avoid detection. Meanwhile, Napoleon is once again marching through France.

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Dantès, but I just wanted to remind you that he’s an honorable man who was betrayed and is now really, really depressed and desperate.

Just FYI.

In case you missed my first section, here it is!

Here’s my review of chapters 13-20.


2 thoughts on “Count of Monte Cristo, ch 7-12

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  2. Anytime you can work Shatner into classic literature, I’m going to say DO IT!

    Also, it is incredibly disappointing when a comment reveals itself to be merely a ping-back:-(


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