Count of Monte Cristo, ch 13-20

Chapter 13

In which we leave Dantès for 100 days–during this time, Napoleon invades France, kicks butt, gets his butt kicked in return, and Villefort continues to keep his silence about his part in Dantès’ capture. Lots of other bad things happen–basically everything Dantès fears the worst. More on that later…

Chapter 14

In which Dantès makes an impression on an inspector of the dungeons, but the inspector stops investigating because of Villefort’s lie about Dantès’ supposed involvement in Napoleon’s brief takeover.
Dantès can’t catch a break!

Chapter 15

In which Dantès digresses into despair–even further than before. He receives a number for an identity (reminiscent of Jean Valjean’s 24601 from Les Miserables), additionally dehumanizing him. He holds onto one scrap of hope by planning to break out by digging slowly.
Then, a head pokes through the wall–the head of his neighbor,  Number 27.

Chapter 16

In which Dantès makes a new friend–Abbé Faria, whom Dantès had heard of from the jailer. Faria is supposedly mad, because he continually offers millions of francs for his release–no one believes him, of course. Dantès tends to believe that Faria is a little crazy, but only when it comes to the money.
Faria is slightly disappointed to find Dantès, as it means that he was digging in the wrong direction for quite some time.

Chapter 17

In which Faria educates Dantès about everything in the entire world (he’s a genius, by the way…) and eventually helps Dantès to deduce the reasons for his imprisonment. This instills a sense of vengeance in the honorable man we know as Edmond Dantès.
After two years of education with Faria, Dantès begins to lose his only friend.

Chapter 18

In which Faria reveals the secret of the unbelievable treasure which he discovered before his incarceration. Dantès still thinks him somewhat mad.

Chapter 19

In which Faria dies and makes Dantès swear he will take the money.


Chapter 20

In which Dantès becomes really pleased with himself for discovering a way of escape–by hiding in Faria’s funeral shroud to escape from burial.
However, it’s not going to be as easy as all that–the prisoners of the Château D’If are not buried. They have their feet tied with a cannonball before being dropped in the ocean to be buried at sea.

When we leave our good man Dantès, he is sinking to the bottom of the sea.

Here are the next chapters.


2 thoughts on “Count of Monte Cristo, ch 13-20

  1. It’s funny, because the way I imagine the “Lucky” in real life is the way Napoleon Dynamite would say it. But I couldn’t find a clip to link it to…


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