Doctor Who, a history

Below, I’ve included a link to an article written in preparation for the new series of Doctor Who which is about to premier in the U.S. (it’s already aired in the UK, and unfortunately I’m not going to cheat and find a bootlegged version online…) next Saturday night!

It really sums up the essentials of this excellent saga, and it doesn’t just fawn over the series, but critiques where necessary. I’ve watched many of the old episodes–some are great, some are VERY not. I just can’t help but draw comparisons between the companions of the recent series and those of Tom Baker and the earlier Doctors. There IS no comparison–Rose, Martha, and Donna (as well as Captain Jack, Mickey, Sarah Jane and other minor companions) are excellent companions, while most of the other companions (not all–there are notable exceptions…) are screen-sores.

Anyway, for all the camp and cheese, this is an epic series–a great foundation for what’s happening today.

Click here for the article.

Also, here’s a funny comic I found on someone’s blog, drawn by Steve Best.

It's funny because it's bigger on the inside than on the outside!


4 thoughts on “Doctor Who, a history

  1. I plan to read the primer next week when I have bit more time although it’s funny because Alison had just shown me that same link the night before you posted.

    Speaking of Dr. Who, I am very excited for you to see my new cell phone! I had to get a new one because sim card in the one I’ve had for 10 years started failing much to my chagrin. Cylon technology wouldn’t have been able to take over my old phone, unfortunately that isn’t the case now:-/


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