Count of Monte Cristo, ch 21-30

Count o' MC

When we last left our hero, he was struggling in a sack headed toward the bottom of the sea.

Chapter 21

In which Dantès manages a Houdini-esque escape from his death-sack, swims for a very long time, and reaches an island. He witnesses a shipwreck, steals a dead sailor’s identity, lies about his horribly long, tangled hair, and joins the crew of another ship.

Chapter 22

In which Dantès rises through the ranks of smugglers (I mean, that’s a feat in and of itself–for such an honorable man to become a dastardly pirate…wow!) and bides his time before he can reach the island of Monte Cristo where Faria’s treasure rests.

Chapter 23

In which the smugglers, along with Dantès, go to Monte Cristo to meet with other ne’er-do-wells, when Dantès fakes an injury to  make the smugglers leave him on the island, which will allow him to inspect the island for his treasure.
Those dang pirates have obviously had a bad influence on Dantès–he progressed to lying now…
This could be bad…

Chapter 24

In which Dantès finds a pile of gold. I mean, seriously.





He’s RICH!

Swimming in money RICH!

Chapter 25

In which Dantès stuff his pockets with money and returns to France in order to hire transport for his MASSIVE fortune.
Unfortunately, he also finds out about MORE bad news about his father and fiancee.

Chapter 26

In which Dantès dons his first disguise of the book and goes to the inn of Caderousse, whom he bribes (with a HUGE diamond) into telling the truth regarding the whereabouts of his former acquaintances.
I sense some revenge brewing!

Chapter 27

In which Caderousse tells all, depressing Dantès even further. Danglars is fabulously wealthy, Fernand married Mercédès, and his father died.
Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Chapter 28

In which Dantès, in another disguise, meets the prison inspector and purloins his own prison documents to find out the source of his accusation.
I sense a brooding, mysterious Count coming on.

Chapter 29

In which Dantès saves his old friend, Morrel, from bankruptcy by postponing the repayment of some hefty loans for 3 months after purchasing the shipping company from him anonymously.

Chapter 30

In which Dantès, at the last possible second, cancels Morrel’s debt and also provides a gigantic diamond for his daughter’s dowry. Moreover, Morrel was literally about to kill himself when a bit of deus ex Dantès saves the day. In this case, he does by the name of “Sinbad the Sailor.”
We could have picked a better nickname. I’m just saying…Sinbad? Honestly…

By the way. If you weren’t clear on my earlier point.

Dantès is slightly wealthy.

Here is my review of the previous chapters.


5 thoughts on “Count of Monte Cristo, ch 21-30

  1. Great movie poster. Looks like Chamberlain’s head’s got a spike going into it.

    And the final one… that’s beautiful. 🙂

    So, if you don’t like Sinbad, what say you to Aladdin? Ya know, poor boy finds great treasure? And it’s even out of the same collection of stories.

    *cue ‘Prince Ali’ soundtrack from the Disney film*

    • Ha! If you are wondering if I played this clip and sang along because I remembered all the words because the Aladdin soundtrack was my jams back in the day…

      the answer is yes.

      Yes, I did.


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  3. You forgot to mention that Dantes was completely nekkid when he was maneuvering his way onto the smuggler’s ship. It takes a persuasive man to accomplish that feat. The escape was made a bit more plausible by the fact that he had planned ahead to bring the knife.

    After reading this section of the book, I can see how it is not as much of a stretch for the anime adaption (Gankutsuou) to ascribe a supernatural quality to Dantes.

    Also, I appreciated deus ex Dantès and the inclusion of Scrooge McDuck’s money bin:-)


    • Reading these chapters was actually the entire reason I decided to blog it. The whole time I was picturing Caviezel-Jesus as Scrooge McDuck swimming through all his new money.

      I need to work on my photoshop skills…I have this image in my head and I need to get it OUT!

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