Nearing The End of 24…

So, I’m sad, but also excited, about the fact that 24 is finishing its small screen run at the end of this, its 8th, season. However, it’s not the end of our fearsome friend, Jack Bauer, as he’s headed for bigger and better screens–namely those of the silver variety!

This fast-paced, riveting, real-time, action television series (think I have enough modifiers here?) about a very good man, a trained soldier and (at the beginning of the series) head of the Los Angeles Branch of CTU (Counter-Terrorism Unit). Throughout the years, he must do the right thing at all personal and professional costs so save the day–and his decisions, while they succeed in the end, generally come with a price. Essentially, we learn that sometimes the ends do justify the means, and they make a good argument for that idea.
24 is a real-time show, meaning that each hour of television is actually a real hour of time in the show, which generally means that they’re constrained to a single city for the season, so that they aren’t spending all their time driving around–even though sometimes they have to spend a little time doing so, but they usually have intense phone conversations while doing so. They utilize split-screen display to great effect, and the ticking clock provides a real sense of pace and urgency.

They’ve won multiple awards, had a great cast of recurring and guest stars throughout their run, and I’m looking forward to finishing this season, getting ready to see some movies!


2 thoughts on “Nearing The End of 24…

  1. Just recently discovered the phenom that is 24, and have watched Seasons 1 and 2 so far. In light of a series we are in at Crossroads regarding the effects of media, I am trying to think critically about what is being put forth as entertainment here. I like Jack — he’s certainly larger than life as he can go from being tortured nearly to death, to receiving injections to restart his heart, to taking down the bad guys, all in the space of our hour. I do think the format is creative and original. I’m not so sure I think Jack is a “very good man.” He seems like a law unto himself, and goes to some awfully grim extremes in the name of saving the world. Just some random wonderings . . .

    • I tend to agree that Jack is not a “very good man”. Complicated? Yes. Gravel voiced? Yes. Good? Hmmm. I think ultimately Jack does what Jack thinks is right. I think that he embodies the ideals that many Americans appreciate in a post 9/11 world as he is definitely a “hero”, albeit flawed, and a large part of the viewership has responded well to that as the show has made it to season eight. I did watch early scenes but eventually stopped following the show mostly because plot devices I felt were effective initially began to appear a bit thin and ultimately I never truly connected with Jack Bauer.

      That being said, I am glad to hear that you enjoy it and I hope that the final season and movie live up to your expectations!


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