Series Announcement! 100 Modern Classic Movies

100 Modern Classic FilmsI’m going to begin a new series soon. Yahoo! Movies has released their list of 100 Modern Classic Films to see before you die, along with a list of 100 Classic Films to see before you die. I’ve seen a lot of the movies on these lists, and I’ll comment on the Modern Classics, which begin after 1990, as well as watching those I haven’t seen.
I may one day migrate to the Classics, but I’m going to stay with this list for now. Because one of my friends and faithful bloggers, bookme4life, gave me these lists, she’s going to cover the Classics, and I’ll link to her blog as I go, and we may comment to enhance our opinions of the films as we go.

Also, we’ll give our opinions as far as revisions/additions to the list–which I think will me numerous!



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