100 Modern Classic Movies, a brief introduction

Watching a movieI could go on and on about movies, but I’ll just say this for an introduction:

I’m going to review, in some way, each of the 100 Modern Classic Movies on the list given out by Yahoo. I’ll probably spend more time on the ones I haven’t seen before and that I’m watching for the first time (as you’ll see on Monday). At the end of each review, I’ll deliver my verdict as to whether or not the movie in question deserves a place as a Modern Classic.

It won’t necessarily be based on whether or not I liked the movie, but if I can at least appreciate its impact on the recent decades of moviegoing.

By the end, I’ll add the movies I think should be included as modern classics, and I’ll tell you now that, even though I have no great love for the 80s, there are some Modern Classics that came out of that decade.

Also, I won’t go in order of the list, though I’ll stick as close as I can. I’m relying on my library to get me the ones I haven’t seen. The first on the list is one I haven’t seen: Goodfellas, so I’m waiting for it right now.

I just watched my first one and the post for that will be up on Monday! Enjoy!


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