Doctor Who, series 5.4: “The Time of Angels”

**Warning! Here there be spoilers! DO NOT read ahead if you have not watched through Series 5, episode 4 of Doctor Who. If you have, or don’t care, read on, but don’t get mad…**

Hallucinogenic lipstick…that’s how you know you’ve met River Song.

I love the Doctor going through a museum and pointing out everything that’s wrong with it, and that he steals from the museum. A little more of a demonstration that we’re not with the exact same Doctor we remember…and it’s OK!

Also, this episode features the new and improved Sonic Screwdriver more so than previous episodes.

And so…River Song is back. I need to rewatch “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead” so that I can refresh my memory of her, because I’m certainly not her biggest fan—neither is The Doctor. Also, she can fly the TARDIS better than The Doctor. I feel like River is this new series’ Captain Jack. She’s a rogue, but she cares about The Doctor. At the same time, she has a lot of secrets, but she’s seen The Doctor in many forms and has met him many times throughout his life. I like her a little better this time, but I just feel like there’s more than a simple “they were married in the future.” It’s always more complicated than that!

I’m pretty cool with seeing the TARDIS as a spaceship more often. We need to remember that it’s not just a box that the characters step in and out of. It’s a ship, it flies. That was one of the high points of “The Runaway Bride” and a few other episodes.

One of the most foreboding questions ever: “Doctor, what do you know about the Weeping Angels?”

This is the “sequel” to one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes ever: “Blink,” in which we meet an alien race of stone weeping angels. They cannot move when seen by another living being—even themselves. However, they are so fast that they can move within the blink of an eye. They feed off of potential energy by transporting people into the past and feeding off of the life force that the person would have lived in the present.

In a ship that River Song leads The Doctor and Amy to, an Angel lies in wait, and The Doctor must take care of it with nothing but a screwdriver and a torch. Of course, just to add to the terror, The Doctor must approach through the Maze of the Dead.

…and to make matters worse, Song has security camera footage of the Weeping Angel to show The Doctor. It’s on a 4 second loop with the Angel’s back to the camera. However, Amy (who really dislikes being shunted aside by The Doctor’s future wife (urg…) goes back to look at the security footage and finds the Angel slowly approaching the camera, within the same 4 second loop. Then the door of the room closes and we cut to commercial!

I’m telling you, if there’s one thing that Steven Moffat does superbly, it’s building suspense. Well done, sir, well done.

Holy cow! “The image of an angel itself becomes an angel.” We have some The Ring action! The angel itself was able to come out of the screen to nearly nab Amy. Also, its eyes are the entrances to its soul, and Amy stared at its eyes for a long time. What’s going to happen? Well, for starters, she’s going to rub her eyes a lot and gravel is going to pour out of one.

They’re now moving through the Maze of the Dead, and it’s filled with statues. They thought they were harmless. False.

Every statue (there are hundreds) is an angel. They don’t look like them now, but they did. They’ve been dying slowly and losing their forms.

Now, when it’s time for everyone to run away, Amy can’t. She’s turning to stone! Apparently, it’s all in her mind, and the Angel has gotten into her head. He bites her on the hand to prove to her that it’s not stone.

The Doctor has a gun, and he’s going to shoot it. Something that I never thought I’d see him do!

…and the episode has ended! It’s a two-parter, but it looks like we’re going to start to delve into the crack in time we’ve seen throughout the season so far, as well as another “End of Time” itself! Really, I’m liking the series so far, but I know I may end up rewatching the entire series up until now, as I’m talking about it at work all the time, it’s stuck in my head!

Until next time, Alonse-y!


One thought on “Doctor Who, series 5.4: “The Time of Angels”

  1. I’m not going to spend too much time replying to part one as it just makes sense to have the bulk of my reply on the second episode after viewing the story in its entirety. That being said here are my thoughts on “In The Time Of Angels”.

    I would have LOVED if I didn’t know that River Song was in this episode. The beginning of the episode would have been a intro worthy of Alias! That being said, River Song did come across as a complete bad ass anyway what with the old fly out of the air lock and jump in the Tardis bit she pulled. Brilliant!

    I am warming up to The Doctor for sure, although not quite as much with Amy. Amy did have an incredibly cool moment in this episode when the Weeping Angel tried to capture her via film because anything that holds the image of a weeping angel then becomes a weeping angel. Genius!

    As for River Song, I enjoyed her quite a bit in this episode and I absolutely am firm in my belief that she was NEVER married to the Doctor at all and that some mad shady ish is going down with her! If The Master is The Doctor’s Joker then River Song is The Doctor’s Catwoman.

    I will comment on your explanation of the weeping angels a little bit because apparently one of the big questions is why were they killing people rather than sending them back in time. The angels we met in Blink were scavengers and were merely trying to survive which is why they sending people back in time to feed off the energy of a person’s potential future. In “Time of Angels”, they were stronger and most of the angels were fully realized because they were feeding off the energy of the ship. Therefore, no need to send their victims back in time, just snap their neck. This is my theory anyway.

    The Maze of the Dead was freaking creepy and I totally agree that Steven Moffat knows how to build suspense because for realz, the Maze of the Dead, Angel Bob, and the realization that all the statues only had one head. TERRIFYING!!! Also, I truly believed that Amy was turning into a weeping angel and then The Doctor had me convinced that it was all just in her mind!!!

    I had no idea how they were going to get out of the trap in the end and while it was jarring to see the Doctor pick up a gun, he has never actually shot anyone with it yet so I am still kind of okay with it.

    To Be Continued…


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