Pulp Fiction

**Note: This film contains coarse language and is permeated with intense violence.**

This is a movie I’ve seen a few times before, but I can tell you I’ve still not fully figured it out. At the same time, I do know that I’m not a major fan.

The Pros: It is nearly flawless, technically speaking. It is told in a non-linear fashion, which I often appreciate, because it challenges normal preconceptions of a storyline. I have always liked Quentin Tarantino’s expositional moments, as well as his narrative style, which I’ll go into later on in a later QT movie review. The acting is great all around. The film is rife with references to other films, and I’m all about that.

Also, it boasts an all-star cast: Uma Thurman, John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, Ving Rhames, and a host of others. It’s nice to see a lot of big stars in earlier roles, not as big as they are now.

The Cons: There is no point to this movie. At all. It’s pretty nonsensical–it’s also one of the foulest movies I’ve ever seen. It’s black comedy at it’s darkest. It’s fully irreverent and violent to excess.

Really, what’s the point to it, though? This is something that I struggle with in a lot of these moves–what’s th point? I have a similar issue with The Big Lebowski, although its allusion to noir detective films was an interesting aspect, and I think it was a little clearer in its message. All that said, really, there still is no point, except for the notion that you should be motivated in your life, but it’s easier not to be.

This, though, feels completely without purpose other than to smack you in the face with gratuity. I’m generally OK with mindless entertainment, but mindlessness can’t make it onto a Top 100 list.

I’d say that it could make the Top 100 for its technicality. However, I just don’t know. Opinions, anyone?

I need to think this over. I may give a more solid verdict later on…


One thought on “Pulp Fiction

  1. I have never seen this film.

    I have no desire to see this film.

    I have a friend who detests violence normally but LOVES this film because she thinks it is hilarious.

    The movie has no point other than to entertain.

    It also kind of marked the comeback of John Travolta.

    These are my thoughts.


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