Doctor Who series 5.5, “Flesh and Stone” by Steven Moffat

**Warning! Here there be spoilers! DO NOT read ahead if you have not watched through Series 5, episode 5 of Doctor Who. If you have, or don’t care, read on, but don’t get mad…**

This is a very nearly indescribable episode. It’s excellent, but so chock-full of events that it’s difficult to take stock of it all.

The Doctor has just fired his gun into the air and everyone jumped onto the bottom of the spaceship. They’re able to stand on the bottom because of the gravity generator. They enter the ship and The Doctor says, “Nobody panic.” Always good; not foreboding at all!

River Song has a secret that will greatly upset The Doctor if he hears it. I knew I didn’t trust her…She was in the Storm Cage holding facility (prison) for murdering “the best man she’s ever known” before being released into the custody of Father Octavian of the church military so that she can accomplish this mission. I still feel like something else is going on. The angels are an unfortunate side effect of the mission, but not the mission itself.

Amy keeps counting down. I think she’s linked to the Angels—don’t forget that she looked into the eyes of the angel. In some way she’s been possessed.

Holy cow! We’ve seen the crack again, and it’s growing and breaking things! The crack is made up of the fire at the end of the universe, which is “Extremely very not good!”

Now, The Doctor’s been grabbed by an angel, and Amy’s been possessed by an angel. When she made eye contact with the angel, the angel was able to go inside her mind and will kill her before it crawls back out. She must keep her eyes shut and The Doctor has to leave her for awhile. We really begin to see that Amy has trust issues with him, which makes sense, as he’s left her a few times when he said he wouldn’t. She needs a bit of convincing to trust him.

The Doctor is trying to work out what the crack means, and Amy is as well. I didn’t think of it this way, but the crack is following her throughout the universe. This crack is rewriting time, and if you walk into it, it erases every moment of your existence. This begins to explain how Amy doesn’t remember the Daleks, and other things like that.

Again, if there’s one thing that Steven Moffat does best, it’s building tension. Amy has to walk through an oxygen factory in the ship (a forest, infested with angels, of course). However, because of the angel possessing her, she cannot open her eyes, for if she does, she’ll be killed. She becomes increasingly surrounded by the angels and must walk among them to safety. It’s just a scene which put me on the edge of my seat throughout. Because Amy’s eyes aren’t open to freeze the Angels, we actually get to see them move, which was handled well.

This episode ends with some craziness!

Amy shows The Doctor her engagement ring and the wedding dress. She becomes pretty clear about her intentions, that she’s been rethinking her life and what she wants—and she wants The Doctor.

Amy tries to seduce The Doctor, which doesn’t exactly work, mainly because she’s getting married the next morning (if they stay there) and suddenly he realizes that she really is at the center of all that’s going on with the crack in time and space. It’s following her and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop. They get in the TARDIS and leave, abruptly! Dang.

Next week, we get to meet some “Vampires in Venice.”

Favorite Quote:

A forest in a bottle in a spaceship in a maze, have I impressed you yet, Amy Pond?


One thought on “Doctor Who series 5.5, “Flesh and Stone” by Steven Moffat

  1. Okay.

    This may be a long one:-/

    The Doctor’s escape plan was fantastic! I also am starting to warm up to the Doctor. Matt Smith is kind of playing The Doctor has somewhat of an autistic savant. His social skills are not very good and he doesn’t seem to really have a sense of other people very well. He is however extremely intelligent and extremely weird. I think it is a natural acting choice for The Doctor and certainly one we haven’t really seen before.

    River Song’s secret is that she has killed the greatest man she has ever known. Logically, it seems that somehow River Song managed to kill the Doctor. I don’t know how, I don’t know when, and I don’t know if it is true. However, I am quite happy to see that Steven Moffat has indeed made River Song a shady shady character instead of simply making her The Doctor’s wife which I believe at this point to be utterly false. The scene between River and Amy is complete proof of that.

    Amy’s countdown was terrifying because I believed that the weeping angel was only in her mind and it is, but I didn’t realize that the weeping angel would then use her to break into reality. Having Amy survive by keeping her eyes shot was an incredibly clever twist to counter the danger of blinking as seen in “Blink” and up to this point with the weeping angels.

    The crack following Amy is intriguing to be sure and know they are aware of it. I wonder what it is about her that it follows her wherever she goes. The scene with her and the clerics was very well done to explain how Amy doesn’t remember the Daleks at all and why no one remembers the Cyber-King!

    I loved the “extremely very not good” line!

    The walk like you can see bit with Amy was incredibly well done and very suspenseful!!!

    I will admit that I kind of hated the ended though when Amy just totally throws herself at The Doctor. For that scene alone, she has fallen in my eyes. Even Martha had the decency to act like a lady, but then again Amy Pond is very very young both in age and in maturity. I don’t know…I don’t ever want to see The Doctor make out with anyone and it felt all a bit too CW for me.

    Other thoughts:

    I think it is hilarious that the sound the Tardis makes when it lands (as well as my cell phone) is the Tardis landing with the breaks still on!

    Amy Pond walking through the woods with a red hoodie was an image that conjured up comparisons to “Little Red Riding Hood” which I have to believe was intentional on Steven Moffat’s part.

    The continuity was nice in that previously the crashing of the Byzantium was referenced in “Silence in the Library”. Also, I like that the next time we see River Song it will be when the Pandorica cracks open.

    The fairy tale/mythology trope continues with Steven Moffat which I appreciate. Pandorica clearly references Pandora’s Box. Then River Song and The Doctor have that wonderful exchange at the end. Something along the lines of I will see you when the Pandorica cracks open, but that’s just a fairy tale, well aren’t we all.

    I kind of loved River Song by the end of this episode because her character is exactly what I want her to be. The Doctor’s Catwoman. A complicated baddie who struggles with being good.

    The date cited as the center of the time explosion, June 26 2010 is also the airdate of the final episode of Season 5.

    I’m glad that Amy is marrying Rory.

    I’m sad that she’s a whore!

    Oh, and at the very end of the episode I was all “Why are they landing in Bad Wolf Bay!?” and “Where is Rose Tyler at!?”. They seemingly didn’t mention it at all although I have confirmed it is indeed the same exact location.

    The Vampires in Venice episode looks utterly ridiculous but I am going to try and be open-minded. The series has really hit a stride and I am quite enjoying it!


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