Lost…the end of an era

What’s your favorite mind-bending show? OK…since The X-Files?


That’s right! This show has been one of my favorites throughout college and beyond, even with its convoluted plot, nail-biting-tear-jerking cliffhangers, and events which we never saw coming–and even if we kind of did, there’s NO way we saw it coming the way it actually happened.

Lost has become a cultural icon, a byword for confusing, and a beloved show we’ve all loved to not understand–but furiously speculate about.

I have NOT seen the end, so there really can’t be any spoilers here, but I have a few predictions which, as so many of the endings have been with Lost, I’m sure this will be COMPLETELY out of the blue as well.

I am betting that the final scenes will either be:

  • There will be a HUGE manly man fight (maybe in smoke form?) between Jack and Locke–and Locke, or both of them, will be thrown into the pit of light.

  • My personal favorite theory is that Jack wake up exactly as we first met him: lying in the jungle just after the plane has crashed, all of this has been a dream, but now Jack has a sense of purpose and fewer daddy issues…

There’s the–hopefully–epic finale on tonight, and I just have to say that, while I’m sad the show is over, it’s good they went out while on top, not steadily declining until cancellation. They’re ending on their own terms, messing with our heads the whole way.

Besides, J.J. Abrams has another show up its sleeve: Undercovers, which looks fantastic! You can see the trailer for it here. (Thanks to BD for letting us all know about it here)

So, pretty soon we won’t be Lost anymore, but it was fun while it lasted.


3 thoughts on “Lost…the end of an era

  1. That was a very tenderly written post about LOST.

    It made my heart swell a bit.

    I don’t know that there will ever be another show like LOST that united people in the way LOST did.

    The show managed to be so many things at the same time (a drama, a fantasy show, a sci-fi show, a mystery). People who would never have had a shared viewing experience were brought together with LOST and that is a beautiful experience to share.

    In the wake of the finale, I feel like LOST transcended entertainment and become an experience. Also, the special before hand really confirmed the fact that the creators achieved exactly what they set out to do.

    Well done Lost!

    I will miss you:-(


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