Materialistic Marriages

I’ve recently come across a few gnarly nuptials in the news. They remind me of Lars and the Real Girl (which is surprisingly heartwarming!)

One involves a Japanese man who loves to get down with his pillow–and wanted to make it official. I just think that he’s going to face a problem when the honeymoon is over and he realizes that she’s just dead weight and featherbrained, is he going to start beating the stuffing out of her? I mean, she just lies around all day.

Check it out here.

However, Lee Jin-gyu isn’t alone in his marrying of inanimate objects. Eija-Ritta Berliner-Mauer has married the Berlin Wall, or at least part of it. He’s probably pretty cold and distant, and probably pretty rude.

Read about it here.

Sadly…these things don’t surprise me…


3 thoughts on “Materialistic Marriages

  1. I don’t know what is worse…the marriages or your puns:-/

    However, it is very appropriate that Kilobyte has shown her support for this entry. She does love a bad pun.


  2. *while standing at a podium, accepting an award for VERY bad puns*
    Thanks to Kb for the encouragement and ideas for all the very, very poor puns put forth by me.

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