Addendum to Pulp Fiction

I recently discovered this on the ever intriguing

I mentioned in my recent Pulp Fiction post that I did appreciate the non-chronological narration, partially because it keeps you guessing throughout–which is one of the reasons that Alias was great and LOST as well.

Above is a graphic which helps you to keep in order all of the events in the film. It’s well done–I always love the visual representation of time lines…


3 thoughts on “Addendum to Pulp Fiction

  1. I always find it fascinating when a fan feels compelled to create something so elaborate because they love something so much.

    I feel quite a bit with my heart, but I really have never done anything that extreme with fan feelings.

    Other than sketching Kate Winslet and claiming Jim Carrey was my father:-/

    What is your most extreme fan moment???


  2. Most of my fan moments have had to do with Star Trek. My massive collection of Star Trek books and all too frequent visits to the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas and extensive playing with action figures and possibly dressing up in a Star Trek uniform on more than one occasion…

    • SHUT UP!!!

      Please tell me there are pictures of you dressed up in a Star Trek uniform!?!?!?!

      That is GENIUS!!!

      *fingers crossed that pictures exist*


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