Doctor Who Series 5.8, “The Hungry Earth” by Chris Chibnall

Opening scene: a man gets sucked into the earth after a drill he’s been working on hits 21 km into the earth. Interesting start.

It’s 2020 Wales, and a group of people are drilling into the earth. It seems, however, that the earth is fighting back. Something is burrowing toward the surface and has created an energy sphere around the site, keeping the Doctor and Rory in. Meanwhile, Amy has been dragged under the surface and something is examining her.

The tone of this episode is interesting. It’s not overtly scary, like many Moffat-written shows, but just eerie. Lot’s of “they’re coming” set-up, and preparing for an unseen foe.

Oddly, I’m waiting for the mole-people to show up.

There’s a good scene with the group (The Doctor, Rory, two scientists, and a mother and son) in a graveyard outside the church in which they took refuge, where the dreaded creatures have broken the surface and are stalking the humans. The Doctor recognizes the creatures.

They are a form of life, homo reptilian, who went below the surface a long time ago and were awoken by the drilling. These Silurians have declared a vendetta against the humans and plan to wipe them all off the surface, and the Doctor is holding one hostage in order to safely gain the return of Amy and the other human hostages.

Amy is largely absent from this episode, though the few glimpses we get of her show that she’s being held with the others who have been taken, while watched by an ominously masked Silurian doctor. It seems that she’s about to be dissected while awake.

The Doctor and Nasreen Chaudhry, one of the scientists, venture down below the surface in order to find the tribe of Silurians so they can negotiate. They think they’ll only find a few Silurians, not really much of a threat. However, they discover much larger numbers than expected. *Ominous pullout shot of a grand civilization*

Essentially, this episode is a lead-in to next week’s episode, where the real climax will come. I wasn’t blown away by it, but I think it established some good elements that I hope will come together well next week. I got the sense that this was a set-up episode early on, and I think that this much set-up should have a good payoff.

Favorite Quotes

“Defending the planet with Meals-on-Wheels!”

“Do we have to say ‘vermin’? They’re really very nice!”


One thought on “Doctor Who Series 5.8, “The Hungry Earth” by Chris Chibnall

  1. I think we were all waiting for the mole people.

    Specifically I was waiting for Amy to die:-)

    I wasn’t blown away by this episode, but I thought that Elliott and Nasreen were the two strongest side characters.

    It was a suspenseful enough episode that paled in comparison to other Who two-parters.


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