Movie Architecture

I’ve always liked seeing architecture in films, and a lot of buildings are reused throughout many different movies, not counting New York City’s overuse in the media.

Science Fiction is one of the genres that generally relies on outrageous architecture in order to sell the new world as real. Often, matte paintings (or more recently, CGI) are used to add to the “otherness” of the world, but I feel that actual buildings are hard to replace, and are often memorable.

Here is a list of SciFi movies and the architecture included–how many do you recognize? Also, there’s another article on “The Most Famous Building in Science Fiction:” The Bradbury Building.


One thought on “Movie Architecture

  1. Awesome article!!!

    I agree that actual buildings are irreplaceable.

    I lament the passing of on site locations for film as well as cell animation and the impending death of 2D.



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