Doctor Who series 5.9 “Cold Blood” by Chris Chibnall

One thing I like about this two-parter is that the Silurian attitude not as black and white as the Dalek hatred of humans. It’s there in part, as it’s outright hatred, but there’s a bit more depth to it. Whereas the Daleks just blindly hate anything not Dalek, the Silurians feel they have a right to the earth because they were there first. Furthermore, they perceive the human drilling as a first strike attack on them because the drill punctured their oxygen pockets, so they believe they are defending their territory and fighting back is their only way out.

At the same time, however, there is a significant amount of racism involved here. This is a staple of science fiction not often ignored by Doctor Who. More than this, the Silurian captive Alaya wants her human jailers to kill her, as she knows it will ensure the ignition of a war. These Silurians, are a more militant, prejudiced branch of a larger species who does not necessarily share the beliefs of the human haters. It’s actually a pretty interesting discussion of fundamentalists versus mainstream.

I must say, I was wondering how they were going to work out this problem. I was kind of hoping they’d take the giant leap of having an Earth surface shared by both humans and Silurians. That would have been an interesting direction for the show to have taken, but I thought it was an interesting choice to set the hibernation “alarm clock” for 1,000 years in the future. In addition, the Doctor gave the humans the charge to get the Earth ready for the future rise of the Silurian race. I really hope that they bring this back.

I’m rather upset at Rory’s (Arthur Darvill) death. I’m partially consoled by the fact that he went out in a sacrificial manner, but I really don’t like to see him go. I was growing to enjoy Rory a lot more. He was much more than merely Mickey 2.0. He’s a stronger character than he appeared at first, with a pretty level head. He’s a lot less slapstick than Mickey was—although by the end I loved Mickey (and I’d greatly love to see a show called Martha and Mickey: Defenders of the Universe—just saying…) Rory had an excellent character arc, and Rory’s was quite promising.

As Rory saved the Doctor from certain doom by a Silurian death ray, he was hit by that ray and then fell just near one of the ever-present cracks in space and time that the Doctor has been examining. As the Doctor investigated it, he pulled out a shard of timey-wimey shrapnel. The crack begins to expand, beginning to absorb Rory. As it does, the Doctor knows it will erase Rory from space and time, from all memory. He must drag Amy away from Rory’s body and into the TARDIS to escape its expansion. The Doctor tries to make Amy retain her memories of Rory by talking about him. This actually leads to a great, emotionally charged scene between the two, and ultimately Amy walks away with no memory of Rory, though it seems that the Doctor may. This is reminiscent of Donna’s “loss,” as he now never existed. It’s heart-wrenching.

I’m a little bummed here with Amy’s character choices during the diplomatic meetings. She acted a bit like a bored child throughout. She could have shined, and it didn’t go that way. That being said, I think that Amy has a great scene while trying to remember Rory while reeling from his death. It was intense—and well acted.

After the Doctor, Amy, and the other human survivors (minus the enchanting Dr. Nasreen and the Wilf-like Tony, who elected to stay behind as emissaries) escape, and after Amy re-enters the TARDIS, he examines the shrapnel from the Time/Space Crack. It’s a piece of the TARDIS. Previously, he deduced that only an explosion of unbelievable magnitude could cause such a fissure. Therefore, at some point, the TARDIS will explode. I’m very curious to see where this will go! Way to leave me with my jaw on the floor…

Favorite Quotes

“The first meeting of representatives of the human race and homo reptilian is now in session. Ha! Never said that before, that’s fab!…You know, humans and their predecessors shooting the breeze”

“Fluid controls, my favorite!

“Ha-ha! Super-squeaky bum time!”


3 thoughts on “Doctor Who series 5.9 “Cold Blood” by Chris Chibnall

  1. Having just talked about this days ago I don’t have much to add.

    I will say that do love the foppish quality that Matt Smith brings to The Doctor. I loved the delivery of the “That’s fab!” and also “Super-squeaky bum time”.

    I hadn’t even considered that the Tardis exploding would bring about the crack in time but it totally makes sense so I too am interested in seeing how that develops.

    I found the most heart-wrenching moment in the show when Amy sees future Amy on the hill. The absence of Rory was profoundly felt.

    I also am interested to see what significance if any the ring that Rory left on the Tardis will play. They made such a point of him leaving it on the Tardis and then the ring fell when Amy and The Doctor were in the Tardis. Maybe it’s nothing, but this is Doctor Who so I think perhaps it may come into play later.

    More than halfway through the season, I have to say that “Victory of the Daleks” is my favorite episode by far! What is yours?


  2. I greatly enjoyed “Victory of the Daleks,” and it may be my favorite, for reinventing a familiar things, but I did like the two-part Angels episodes. They were kind of awesome.

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