Toy Story 3

I was lucky enough this weekend to see Toy Story 3–I’ve been very excited about this for awhile! I haven’t experienced an excellent movie like this in a very long time. I remember coming home from seeing the first Toy Story when I lived in Michigan. One of the things that I thought was so cool was when the G.I. Joes talked to Woody through the baby monitor. I went home and rummaged through my brothers old baby things and made my sister go in the basement while I talked to her. (I thought she was rather thick when she never talked back to me! Although, I didn’t know that baby monitors only work one way…). All that to say, I loved this series of films from the beginning.

From the beginning, these films have been groundbreaking. They are the highest rated films on Rotten Tomatoes. They are hilarious, heartwarming, and memorable.

The third (and hopefully final) installment is no different. The story is more intense and complex than the previous films, and it’s got callbacks to the previous two—the toys must get back to Andy. However, it’s a play on prison escape films and a great wrap-up to the trilogy.

Andy is going to college, and he hasn’t played with the toys, or even touched them, in over a year. They’re desperate for his attention. Woody stalwartly maintains that they just need to be there for him, if and when Andy might need them. The other toys are more skeptical. Through a misunderstanding, Andy’s mom donates the toys to a day care center, where they’ll be played with every day! Woody, however, was saved for the college box, so he decides to return home, and takes a roundabout route.

The toys are given the grand tour by the day care’s resident toys, who relegate them to the wondrous Caterpillar Room. However, this is torture to the well-loved toys, as the toddlers abuse them. When they confront Lotso (hugs), the teddy bear leader of the residents informs them that they must pay their dues and deal with the abuse before they can be equal to the veteran toys. What’s more, the toys have brainwashed Buzz by turning him to “Demo mode,” the way he was when we first met him.

There are lots of great moments throughout this: the opening sequence (see if you recognize it!), Mr. Potato Head is priceless, a ‘new’ Buzz is epic, Ken is so very amazing, and the jailbreak part is brilliant. Moreover, they really end this trilogy on a high note. As much fun as it’s been, I hope they stop here, while they’re ahead. They finish beautifully, with some misty-eyed moments. I absolutely loved it, and I hope to see an Oscar nomination.

Watch and enjoy.

I absolutely did!


3 thoughts on “Toy Story 3

  1. This film was absolutely brilliant from beginning to end! Really really remarkable! I still think Wall*e is my favorite Pixar film, but this may be a close second.

    The funniest moment in the film for me was the lead-in shot of Chuckles the Clown in which I laughed out loud very loudly about a minute before everyone else in the theater. I was a goner the minute they started playing the french violins!

    Everything about Ken and Barbie was genius and I was shocked and delighted at how much mileage they got out of essentially one joke.

    The Potato Heads were fantastic especially Mr. Potato Heads various incarnations.

    The caper film nods were so well done and I truly was on the edge of my seat at times. I also believed the ending may not have been such a happy one, but then when deux ex machina occurs, it is actually a legitimate and well placed plot device with groundwork laid earlier in the film.

    Lotsa was kind of a terrifying, lovable, fascinating character!

    As far as misty eyed, girl, I was a weeping mess the minute that Andy comes back into the story at the very end.

    A mess.

    So good!

    I can’t wait to own the trilogy! I’ve actually never seen Toy Story 2. Also, I agree. They should stop the trilogy here. End on an incredibly high, intelligent, heartwarming note!!!


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