The A-Team

(To be played while reading)

I was lucky enough to see three movies in the last week, two of which were free!

I’ve always enjoyed the original A-Team series; I watched with sporadically throughout my childhood, more increasingly on TV Land. This movie does well to capture the spirit of the original show. It’s uneven at times, but it’s fun, with lots of good action and effects.

Liam Neeson captures the camp of Hannibal with all the skill I’d expect, at times wry, and borderline tongue-in-cheek, but still well-done. I could tell he had fun doing it.

Bradley Cooper (one of my favorite actors since his stint as Will Tippin on Alias–one of the greatest shows of all time) plays “Face,” the handsome one, and has a respectable character arc through the film, aspiring to be like his mentor. I really hope to see more from Bradley Cooper in the future. Unfortunately, he was passed up for Green Lantern (darn you, Ryan Reynolds!! *shakes fist*), but I really like him.

I really enjoyed Quinton Jackson’s portrayal of B.A. He wasn’t as in your face as Mr. T, but again, he captured the spirit of the character. Even more, he didn’t just imitate Mr. T. He had a different spin on the character. A conflicted character–not merely a knocking-fools’-heads-together machine. I haven’t seen anything else from him, but I’d like to.

To complete the quartet, Sharlto Copley plays a brilliant crazy Murdock. All my respect to Dwight Schultz (also Lt. Barclay from Star Trek: The Next Generation), but he’s got a rival here. The star of District 9 does an excellent job here. I’m happy that his memorable performance in the semi-independent South African film was not a fluke.

Jessica Biel, apart from looking completely, dangerously anorexic (like, she needs to be force-fed a hamburger or a piece of cake), plays a conflicted antagonist. She’s not my favorite actress in the world, but she actually did OK here.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie a lot. It won’t win any Oscars, but it’s a lot of fun.


3 thoughts on “The A-Team

  1. Darn you Ryan Reynolds indeed!!!

    Yay for Will Tippin who has really come into the prime of his career! Also, I hope I look like him when I’m 36.

    Reading your blog and reading the words “knocking-fools’-together-machine”, may be one of my Top 10 Ty Ty’s blog moments. Not only because I think that you should probably incorporate “knocking fools’ heads together in everyday speech, but also the attention to grammar that you paid to the phrase was fantastic! I guarantee Mr. T never cared about whether or not fools’ was written in the plural possessive case.

    I had NO idea that Sharlto Copley played Murdock! That is awesome! I’m so glad to hear he was great in this because he was fantastic in “District 9”!

    Jessica Biel needs a cheeseburger NOW!!! Maybe she is still recovering from the break-up with JT:-/

    Also, was Patrick Wilson in this? I just watched the preview at the end of your post and it looked like him.


  2. Yes, Patrick Wilson was in it as the CIA agent named Lynch. He’s a really quirky character, not what I’d expect.

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