Doctor Who series 5.11, “The Lodger” by Gareth Roberts

At the beginning of the episode, the Doctor and Amy land in the wrong place (for a change) and just as the Doctor steps out of the TARDIS, it disappears with Amy trapped within.

One day later…

A young man is lured up a staircase by a phantom voice. He then disappears, and a lot of mysterious noises begin exuding from the room at the top of the stairs. In the flat below, Craig (James Corden), the tenant, has just placed an ad for a roommate, while curiously looking at an odd stain on the ceiling which hadn’t been there previously. A doorbell rings, and the Doctor arrives as the new lodger. Always a good plan!

Apparently, whatever’s upstairs in the apartment can block the TARDIS and is creating a time vortex in the vicinity.

While the Doctor attempts to blend in as a human, to lull whatever it is in the flat above into a false sense of security, he plays football (soccer, to the uncultured…) and is amazingly excellent at it—my theory is that the TARDIS has a football pitch next to the pool. Even more, he affects the life of the man with whom he rooms by just providing some good, sound advice.

The second floor of the building is actually a camouflaged alien spacecraft automatically looking for pilots by luring them in and hoping to integrate them into its system. However, Craig, with whom the ship has psychically linked itself, has never been lured into the ship, so he forces it to leave by finally accepting and confessing his reason to stay: the woman in his life.

In the end, the crack in the universe has followed the Doctor (I thought it was supposed to follow Amy…) and we’re getting toward the end of this current series. I enjoyed this episode, but I was itching to get to the finale. It was well done, and allows Matt Smith to shine with his pure quirkiness.

Favorite Quotes:

“They call me The Rottmeister; no they don’t, don’t call me that, they call me the Doctor.”

“Is that a reference from the Archbishop of Canterbury?

I’m his special favorite.”


4 thoughts on “Doctor Who series 5.11, “The Lodger” by Gareth Roberts

  1. This was a FANTASTIC episode that very much reminded me of “Love and Monsters”! Two shy friends that have feelings for each other, but are unable to act on those feelings without a little shove from The Doctor!

    Also, as a Companion-Lite episode I enjoyed it a great deal! Matt Smith has developed into a delightfully quirky doctor who is completely different from those that came before him!

    I am actually kind of looking forward to owning this set on DVD:-)


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