Covert Affairs

So, I just watched the pilot of the new spy thriller Covert Affairs starring Piper Perabo.

I think this is Alias light. No mythology (especially not of the Rambaldi persuasion) or intricate webs of deception. Perabo even looks like Jennifer Garner.

The show is about a CIA agent fresh out of The Farm, accompanied by her blind-techie-guy, who’s pretty interesting. I’m lukewarm about the whole thing, partially because the entire time I just wanted to see Sydney Bristow, Vaughn, Marshall and company. I hope it diverges a lot so I don’t make comparisons that it will NEVER live up to.

I enjoyed the first episode, but I’ll reserve judgment after the next few episodes and keep my fingers crossed for Undercovers (and even Nikita).

Watch a trailer here.


3 thoughts on “Covert Affairs

  1. Despite having just seen all of Alias, I didn’t really have any comparison problems when I watched this pilot. It has promise, and I think I’ll keep watching for now.

  2. A critic at TV Guide LOVES this show and LOVED the second episode even more.

    Despite this, I don’t know that I could ever get over the fact that it isn’t Alias no matter how hard Coyote Ugly tries.

    I also can’t believe that another Alias-esque show is in the works from ABC.

    Seriously everyone, calm down and find some new ideas.

    Why isn’t anyone working on the Fables TV show!?


  3. I have so far enjoyed it and I’ll see how it goes as the season progresses. It’s already taken a different direction than Alias, so I should be able to separate the two.

    We shall see!

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