Inception, directed by Christopher Nolan

Inception blew my mind a little bit.

Really, there’s not a lot I can say about it, as the plot depends on keeping you guessing and continuing to take you by surprise.

So, what I can do is  remind you of the definition of the word “inception.” It means origin, root; the beginning of an idea. The film takes some of the ideas that worked us over in The Matrix, but turned them into a psychological thriller in a manipulated, high octane, don’t-believe-your-eyes-because-they-are-playing-tricks-on-you, as well as the epic scope of the dreamscapes.

To make it even better, never before have I sat in a theater where the tension in the audience was utterly palpable throughout, but never more than in the last five sentence. I could feel everyone holding their breath. Moments of the film are surreal, and you have to wrap your mind around them, while others are pure feasts for your eyes and minds.

The acting is excellent from all involved, and there’s a touch of comedy at times to lighten the mood of this intense thriller. Ellen Page shines, establishing that she doesn’t have to be in an indie rom-com to do her thing. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the hard-nosed no-nonsense partner of Leonardo DiCaprio, who struggles with his inner demons throughout. (His character is similar his role in Shutter Island, but different enough that it still works brilliantly, mainly because there are some new, dark and twisty elements added to it.

Christopher Nolan is an absolute, unequivocal master of film and suspense. Alfred Hitchcock: you have your heir.

Watch this film.

Think about it.

Then watch it again.


4 thoughts on “Inception, directed by Christopher Nolan

  1. I will leave my comments spoiler free as well.

    Inception was AMAZING and by far one of the best movies I have seen all year.

    I found it interesting to note that Christopher Nolan has been wanting to make Inception for quite some time, but could not get the proper funding from the studios. So he decided to take on the Batman reboot as a way to generate money to allow him to make Inception!

    I am trying to work my way through Christopher Nolan’s films now and I started with The Prestige last night. Sadly, I was not overly taken with the film. I guessed at everything that was going to happen so there were no surprises at all in the film. I never really believed any of the actors as there characters at all and I’m not quite sure why. I found myself emotionally detached from the film.

    I adore the entire cast of “Inception” and longed for them throughout the entirety of this movie, which wasn’t bad at all but certainly did not flip my cookie.

    Have you seen “The Prestige”?

    What did you fink of it?


  2. I appreciate and was certainly able to detect the passion that Nolan has for Inception, though I don’t feel that he seemed like he was “forced” to make the Batman films. He did very well with them, and is making a third, so he’s enjoyed it, I think.
    I really liked The Prestige when I saw it, but it’s been awhile. I just got it again and plan to watch it in the near future.

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