This is an article sent to me by a library colleague and fellow blogger, written by Stephen King.

Basically, there’s chick-lit, and then there’s manfiction. Stephen King argues that the same thing that (many) women look for in a Nora Roberts book (or Karen Kingsbury and Wanda Brunstetter for those of the Amish persuasion) is what men are looking for in the likes of Lee Child, Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler and many others.

The age of the reading male has not ended!,,20225323,00.html


4 thoughts on “Manfiction

  1. I was so incredibly excited when I first saw that, but he’s collaborating with Grant Blackwood. Nothing against Blackwood, but I HATE it when authors do this. It’s always been a negative. I’ll try it, but Clive Cussler ruined his Dirk Pitt series when collaborating, and James Patterson completely ruined his Women’s Murder Club series that way.
    I’m nervous.

    • This trend is getting old. On the one hand I wonder if more of this was going on in the background than we were aware of before, and now the secondary writers are just getting credit. But on the other hand I think that if you’re too popular (and thus busy) to write a decent novel, then you’re way too popular. Time to get back to the basics, neh?

  2. I enjoyed the article although I clearly do not fall in either category.

    Also, I had no idea that you and KiloByte were so well versed in manfiction!

    I only understood about half of the discussion above:-/

    Stephen King however grows more enjoyable with age. He is a connoisseur of pop culture and I often appreciate his shared insights.


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