Happy Birthday, Cormac McCarthy

I’m a recent, but enthusiastic fan of Cormac McCarthy‘s writing. I’ve read The Road, and No Country for Old Men, and All the Pretty Horses is on my to-read list (along with a couple thousand other things, but it’s toward the top…).

I really like Cormac McCarthy‘s writing style. Much like the tone and theme of his books, he writes in a stark manner, not embellishing excessively, but giving the right amount in order to fully convey what he wants. He wastes no words, and every line is flawless. From the two books I’ve read, his stories are quite bleak, and just like the writing style of the novel, the themes are pretty straightforward. There is evil in the heart of man, and sooner or later it’ll come out, some in worse ways that others. Some are better able to contain it, but it’s there nonetheless.

Check him out, and prepare to be blown away.


One thought on “Happy Birthday, Cormac McCarthy

  1. What I appreciate most about Cormac McCarthy is his sense of humor.

    God, is that man funny!?

    shoot, just thinking about “The Road” makes me chuckle.

    Happy Birthday Cormac, you wacky clown of a man;-)


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