Y Tu Mama Tambien

I’m slightly surprised that a well-made porno was placed on this list. Basically: a pair of guys, separated from their girlfriends for only a few days, try to seduce a married woman, bring her on a road trip, and lots and lots of sex ensues.

That’s about it. Don’t see it.


This from the director of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which is probably the best adaptation of the books.



5 thoughts on “Y Tu Mama Tambien

  1. Wow. On the top 100, huh. I might still have some mental bleach lying around if you need some. Or you could just go all Eternal-Sunshine and really do away with the memories.

    • I can absolutely handle sex in a film if there’s a point. There was none here. This is the same regarding violence: if there’s a point.
      It’s one of the reasons I won’t watch the Saw films. They are brutal for brutality’s sake. There is no point to it. Although, I bet that those films pretend to have a “Whodunnit” (or Who’storturingus) plot, while Y Tu Mama Tambien was: “Oh, my girlfriends out of the country. Let’s have sex with EVERYONE! Even better: Let’s seduce the wife of this idiot we know and see how that goes. Even more betterer: Orgy!”

      No point.

  2. So you are saying that sex and violence are on the same level for you?

    That neither one in excess is more offensive?

    Just based on your previous reviews, you seemed to have a lot more to say about violent films as opposed to well, this film, which is why I posed the question.

    I haven’t seen this, but I remember hearing about it when it came out in theaters from friends of mine that had seen it and enjoyed it.

    On a larger scale, I feel like as a society (in America) we are way more tolerant of violence than of sex.

    These are all just random thoughts that hit me upon reading this short entry.

    If I ever watch this film, I will be sure to share my thoughts.


  3. I don’t know if they’re on the same level, but I would say that they’re close. I’d say that gratuitous sex, for me, is a little lower on the tolerance meter. It’s probably my upbringing, but I will tolerate violence more. However, like I said, it needs to have a reason, a story, a purpose around it. I guess I wouldn’t be as critical if it wasn’t called a Modern Classic.
    If I could see the point in it, I could move past it.
    Oldboy was one of those movies that was borderline too much for me on the violence front. At the same time, there was a reason for all the violence. It was a tragic revenge story. Goodfellas barely held together with the excessive violence.
    I watched about 20 minutes of a Saw film, and I can tell you that I’m completely intolerant of that violence. I’d rather watch Y Tu Mama Tambien again in a heartbeat. That one pretends to have a story, but it’s just torture in the end.
    I’d rather tolerate violence than sex, I guess… 🙂

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