Upcoming: The Walking Dead

OK, for some demented reason, I’m a bit of a zombie nut. I loved Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead, and I can appreciate George A. Romero. I also loved 28 Days Later (OK…they’re “infected” not “undead,” but whatever). For a long time I thought that a zombie apocalypse would be a great premise for a TV show, but it probably would be too expensive or too gory to work for a main network.

The Walking Dead is a graphic novel series by Robert Kirkman. I’ve read a bit of it, when I could get my hands on it, and I enjoyed it. I’ve liked the premise of how people would deal with a post-apocalyptic situation, like a nuclear attack. This just adds an excellent twist.

After its ultra-success with the well-written and composed Mad Men (which will, someday, be a subject of my review–I’ve seen the first season, but I need to watch more to formulate a complete opinion) and the equally acclaimed Breaking Bad (about which I’ve heard a lot, and one of my friends raves about, but I have not experienced), AMC is following Rubicon with an adaptation of The Walking Dead. If their record is any judge, I think that The Walking Dead will be excellent.

It’s coming in October!


One thought on “Upcoming: The Walking Dead

  1. I did not realize that AMC was developing “The Walking Dead”. That is very interesting.

    Mad Men is a genius show and you I will gladly offer you my box sets if/when you decide you want to catch up on the show.

    Breaking Bad I have never seen but I am not the biggest Bryan Cranston fan and I don’t really want to watch a show based around a meth lab.

    You know my thoughts on Rubicon.

    I will give this new show a shot, even though I am not necessarily a big zombie fan.


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