Addendum to 127 Hours

Earlier, I posted about Danny Boyle‘s 127 Hours, starring James Franco. I wondered how they could turn it into a compelling film. It looks like a solid character examination, which is great for an actor like Franco to explore. What I didn’t consider (for some reason…) is how gruesome it might be when Franco’s character must cut off his own trapped arm.

And we know that Danny Boyle does not shy away from gore…

There have been medical attendants called to screenings of his film. The commentator in this article has a similar attitude to my own, as I think these are blown out of proportion and not directly related to the film. If people didn’t get light-headed or have panic attacks with 28 Days Later (or maybe they did, and I’m insensitive…), this won’t be as horrific. 127 Hours cannot top that film, at least in the gore factor.

I still think it’ll be good, but who knows?


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