OK, Neil Gaiman, I can forgive you…for now…

Librarians are the coolest people out there, doing the hardest job out there on the frontlines. And every time I get to encounter or work with librarians, I’m always impressed by their sheer awesomeness.

Neil Gaiman

I’ve had a slight grudge against Mr. Gaiman for a little while now, even since he helped to perverte the greatness that is The Epic of Beowulf by contributing the screenplay to the offensive film Beowulf a few years ago.

While I’m not officially a “librarian” (technically, I’m a Reference Assistant–in order to be a real bona-fide librarian, you have to possess a Masters of Library Science), I appreciate Neil Gaiman’s sentiments and appreciation.

He’s made a great contribution to literature–YA, Adult, and Children’s–as well as penning an episode for the upcoming series of Doctor Who.

Everyone makes mistakes.

Just don’t let it happen again, Mr. Gaiman.


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