Caprica Returns!

I’m excited for the return of Caprica, which has been bumped up about 3 months to this coming week on October 5. I kind of thought they’d have a short 1st season and then return for a longer 2nd season, but this is officially a continuation of season 1. However, this is what they did with BSG, so I’m not surprise. It gives them more time to maintain the quality of the show.

See: my review of the first half of the season here.

At the same time,the 2nd season of Human Target, one of the most fun new shows of last year, has been pushed back until November 17, but it’s been moved to Wednesday nights. Being pushed back isn’t a good thing, but moving to the old Lie to Me (great show, by the way!) slot isn’t bad at all. So, I’m hopeful about the show’s future, and I’m slightly irritated that it didn’t premiere last night like it was supposed to–they’d better continue it, then!

Here are my impressions from the beginning of season 1.


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