Superman Reboot in the works

While I wasn’t one of those completely disappointed with Superman Returns, it certainly wasn’t Superman or Superman II. Let’s be honest here, though: it was miles, leagues, light years better than Superman III or Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, which were little better than farcical.

Zak Snyder has just claimed the director’s seat for the reboot of the Superman franchise. I’ve never been his biggest fan. I want to be. I want to love his films. I haven’t hated any, but I feel like he’s always gone just a bit too far. Watchmen had its good points, but there was altogether too much naked blue Dr. Manhattan and awkward lovin’ scenes. 300 was good overall, but doesn’t really hold up to more than one rewatch. I think his films are better seen only in theaters, and while I love the theatrical experience, a film should also work on the small screen. This cannot happen to a Superman film. The good thing is that Christopher Nolan is a producer, so hopefully he, in all his wisdom, will keep this whole thing in check!

Prediction: If this reboot and Green Lantern are both successful, they will continue with a Wonder Woman movie, as well as other members of The Justice League, and then put together a Justice League film in order to compete with Marvel.



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