TV Characters Who I Love to Hate, part 2

There are many characters on television who I love. At the same time, there some whom I loathe and would like nothing better than to see meet their demise (and some grant that wish for me!).

Some of these, however, I just love to hate. I hate ’em, but I’d hate to see them go.

A bit of both groups have found their way onto this list.

These characters, I mainly just hate…

**Reminder: Spoilers Abound!**

1. Basically everyone from Mad Men

It’s like watching a car wreck. You can’t look away. They’re all terrible, terrible people, but you just keep wanting to see what they’ll do next. It’s rather depressing. I’m more than a little conflicted about the show. I’ve only watched 1 season, so maybe things change a bit, but as far as season 1 goes, I hate most people. I don’t know what to think about it!

2. Allison Doran from Alias

Allison killed Francie, Syndey Bristow’s best friend, in order to impersonate her for nearly a year. It all ends in an incredibly excellent fight between Allison and Syd. This destroys the apartment, and leads to Sydney’s 2 year disappearance. We hate her. Plain and simple.

3. Mandy Hampton from The West Wing

I love The West Wing. It’s an amazing show, through and through. With one exception: Mandy. I have a physical reaction when I watch episodes with her in them. She’s annoying and shrill, to put it mildly. I almost can’t describe it. Watch a few of the season 1 episodes. You’ll see it.

I’m so happy that she’s only in season 1. Whew!

4. Dean Forester from Gilmore Girls

While I really like Jared Padalecki in his role as Sam Winchester on Supernatural, his breakout role was on Gilmore Girls, as Rory Gilmore’s (Alexis Bledel) first boyfriend. Just, everything about him rubs me the wrong way. He’s a good guy, but he’s somewhat brooding, and hulking. He’s the “good guy” for her, but he just keeps getting the shaft, and eventually kind of just breaks and gets creepy and angry.

5. Leoben Conoy (Two) from Battlestar Galactica

Leoben’s main job is to be really, really creepy. He says crazy stuff to get into Starbuck’s head; he steals babies, brainwashes people, and is basically psychotic.

6. Xander Harris from Buffy, The Vampire Slayer

He’s that guy. He’s irritating with his quips, trying way too hard to be funny, and 90% of the time he’s just not. He can’t see what’s right in front of his (Willow), and when he does, he cheats on his girlfriend. Maybe he gets better after season 3, but I doubt it…

7. Ruby from Supernatural

I knew it all along. She’s shrewd and conniving. She’s patient and evil enough to infiltrate the good guys, to sway Sam Winchester toward the dark side. It’s like she was kicking a puppy. I wasn’t surprised, seeing as she’s a demon! I hate her.

8. Maggie O’Connell from Northern Exposure

Just like Mandy, I can’t deal with Maggie. She’s an awful, irrational, wannabe-super-tough-but-just-ends-up-annoying character. She protests the intentional sexual tension between herself and Dr. Joel Fleischman to an extreme, to the point that it just became absurd. I literally spent a lot of that show shouting, “Shut up, Maggie!”

9. Monica Reyes from The X-Files

Three words: She’s not Scully.

10. Frank Burns and Margaret “Hotlips” Houlihan

These two were buzzkills. Frank was an idiotic bigot who had nothing better to do that bust up a still or cheat on his wife with Hotlips. Major “Hotlips” Houlihan kept trying to get him promoted, to get rid of the guys who just wanted to have fun while they’re at war.

11. Lady Elaine Fairchilde from Mister Roger’s Neighborhood

This dang puppet terrified me as a child. I had a vivid nightmare which still haunts me, to this day. She took over the Museum-Go-Round of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, and just wanted to take over that world. She was horrifying!

12. Kimmy Gibler from Full House

Just go away, Kimmy! She just waltzes into the Tanner house like she owns the place, making eyes at Uncle Jesse, wrecking everyone’s best laid plans. Jerk.

13. Emily Gilmore from Gilmore Girls

Emily Gilmore is a bit of a sociopath. She manipulates everyone around her, unashamedly, to get what she wants. She’s self-centered, and even when you think she grew out of it, it’s actually a long con to get her claws into something, or someone, else.

14. Terri Schuester from Glee

Terri is much like Emily Gilmore, but at least Emily is rather up front about her machinations. Terri lies to her husband about a pregnancy, plans to steal a baby from a scared 16 year old, and generally guilts her husband until her goes nearly crazy.

15. Karen Filippelli from The Office

I can’t defend this hatred; it’s excessive and irrational. There’s no real reason for it, but she got in between Jim and Pam, and that’s unacceptable. She just waltzes in and tries to snatch up Jim. Not cool.


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