Oh, the Many Remakes, Part I

I mentioned this site last week in lieu of the second part of my “TV Characters I Love to Hate” mini-series. I thought I might comment of a few of the fifty–that’s right, I said fifty!–remakes in the works.

I think that remakes have their place. If the originals fail or were limited due to some lack of technical abilities, or something of the like, or if the script and directing were terrible (*cough* Percy Jackson *cough*). Others accept the original, but the remake might expand the original premise, taking it to the next level. Some are worth it, some are just dumb.

Here are my first 10 comments:

Red Dawn

I really enjoyed the original film. The Russians invade Colorado, and a group of teenagers (including Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, and Lea Thompson) lead an insurrection against their new oppressors. I vividly remember watching this film for the first time, and seeing the parachutes falling over the town and Russian soldiers standing in front of a McDonald’s. Chilling!
I need to watch this again…
In this film, China is the invading force, but the original premise remains the same.

True Grit

I mentioned this here. It looks great! I’ve just gotten this again from the library. I haven’t watched in it years, but I have every confidence that it will be fantastic. The Coens, Jeff Bridges, A Western. How could this not work?


I just recently re-watched the original, and, while I could not help but shake my head at the pervasive camp, I was also taken aback by how much I really liked it. It’s just fun. I’d like to see what’s done with it, but I’m hesitant that this will just turn into Step Up 4 Goodness Sake!

Child’s Play

Are you kidding me? Really? This was stupid enough, even as a concept in the 80s. A doll that can kill you? Just run away from it! It doesn’t have long legs! Just dumb.

‘Nuff said.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

This remake could have potential–if done right. With the right special effects, not necessarily CG, but attention to detail, this could be good. I’d say we need Peter Jackson, or maybe Guillermo del Toro, to take the helm of this one. Also, there should be an element of sympathy to the creature–a King Kong view of him.

All Quiet on the Western Front

It was pretty big news when Daniel Radcliffe announced that he would star in the remake of this World War I classic. So few movies made today are set during that war, so that in and of itself will make this a little more interesting. It will be a test to see if Radcliffe isn’t relegated to magical prep school acting, but can contribute to a broader scope of films. I have faith, but we’ll see.

The Black Hole

This is one of those movies that has remained with me for a long time. It’s haunting, rather trippy, and seeks to transcends its camp. It has parallels to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and was one of Disney’s attempts to compete with the burgeoning science fiction genre. I need to watch it again, to see if it holds up to my memory. This is one of those times where some good special effects could work for it, so that the poor effects don’t distract from the story.

Mad Max

This could be good. If it doesn’t go over-the-top with crazy, post-apocalyptic nutjobs and has a compelling story. The original film was somewhat random, and the sequels just went too far with the insanity. A solid Point A to Point B survivor film would work nicely. I don’t know if this will be a sequel or a remake. I could see either working, but even just a film set in the same world would work well.

The NeverEnding Story

I wore out my videocassette of this film growing up. Even though I love it, I wouldn’t mind seeing a re-imagining with some better effects. It could really be an epic film if done well, but done by an established director who will remain true to the source material without taking his own spin so far out there that it’s just terrible. (*cough* CHRIS COLUMBUS *cough*)

Maybe Andrew Adamson (of The Chronicles of Narnia) or Peter Jackson.


I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. The 80’s film was rather wretched, and the 2000 version certainly made a bold attempt, but the special effects just weren’t up to the task. I love the book, but unfortunately the films haven’t worked. We now have the ability to do justice to the sweeping intergalactic epic war film. I cannot wait!


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