Oh, the Many Remakes, Part II

…and to continue yesterday’s list.

My Fair Lady

I can’t believe I passed over this when I first looked at the list. I love the original film, and I don’t really believe that it should be considered a remake, because it’s really just a new film adaptation of a play. While I’m not a Kiera Knightley hater (she was the original actress attached to the role), I don’t see her working as Eliza. Carey Mulligan is now attached, and I think she’ll be brilliant! Also, with Emma Thompson having written the script, I think it will be fantastic.


I read this comic a few years ago, and it is a futuristic epic that would be great as a live action film. I could see Zak Snyder directing it, which is fine with me as long as he doesn’t go overboard. It can’t be done halfway, and it has an established fan base that they should try not to alienate (*cough* Chris Columbus *cough*).

The Birds

The original film is cinematic excellence. I hesitate to support a remake, but it could work. And Naomi Watts is the perfect casting choice, I think.

Escape From New  York

This is a staple action film. I think that today’s effects capabilities might be able to really do this huge story justice. And, as always, I want Bradley Cooper to get the part of Snake. I think he can pull off being an action star. Let him!

Drop Dead Fred

The original is really an awful film. It has an interesting premise: what if your imaginary friend grew up along with you? Of course, that goes the raunchy route. And who else would tackle the role of the gross amigo but Russell Brand? Fail.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

I loved the original movies. However, I predict that this will be another movie filmed in 3D, overdone and overblown, with lack of respect for the source material. They really need to retain that sense of wonder we got the first time, otherwise it won’t work.


This would greatly benefit from a rejuvenation. It was a very dark movie, overall, and if they can do Iron Man, they can do Robocop. For some reason, I see Mark Wahlberg in the title role.


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